Image of Don (Les) Church

Don (Les) Church

I always enjoyed working on my own projects before jumping into the trades and I had remodeled two homes of my own before I started working full time as a carpenter. I have been working in the building trades field for over 35 years and have found it to be a wonderful combination of working with my head and hands.

I enjoy running the business as it gives me the opportunity to help people go from their rough project ideas to a fully formed and completed reality and I realize that every job we take on as a company is unique and important to that customer as we strive to give them a great final product and a great experience.

I started working as a laborer on a site on the coast of Maine in the early 80’s working on a wide variety of new and existing residential projects. I was able to work with many different types of builders and old-time carpenters through the years and I always enjoyed learning from all of them. Now I’m the old guy on the jobs and my duties are different than they were when I first started but I enjoy planning and executing our projects, dealing with our family of subcontractors, and mentoring and coaching the younger members of our crew. While I still like to get out and help on the sites my focus is now on doing my best to make what can be a trying process for our customers go as smoothly as possible.

Image of Chris Lackey

Chris Lackey

After graduating from high school Chris began working in construction as a summer job as a way to help fund his college education. Soon it became clear the building trades were far more interesting. He left college and began working full time in construction.

In late 2012, the firm Chris and Les worked for went out of business they decided to join forces and start their own construction firm: Free Range Builders.

Over the past nine years Chris has come to realize he's found his passion. Every job is an opportunity to improve someone’s home and make their lives a bit happier.